Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Image of the Week

Each year the various types of birds in our area build nests in the trees around my home. We always have Robins in our area, so I can usually count on at least one nest by them. This year they built a nest low enough in one of the trees that I could climb up and take a picture of the eggs. So, when I saw that the momma bird was away I climbed up to take a peak. She had four blue robin eggs in the nest. She returned before I could get a good picture, so I decided not to upset her anymore than she already was and climbed out of the tree. I tried to get a decent picture again the next day and found that there were only three eggs in the nest. I don't know what happened to the fourth and couldn't find it anywhere in the area. I snapped a few quick pictures and climbed out of the tree, so not to upset Mrs. Robin too much again. Of all the years that birds have built nests around my house this is the first time that I actually photographed them.

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